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The screening of the film "La La Land" serves as a prelude to the 45th FEST, which begins a month later.

The musical that has recently won seven Golden Globes - the most in the history of this award - the film “La La Land” during last year thrilled both festival and cinema audiences due to its style, which brings us back into the golden age of Hollywood, as well as due to extraordinary Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, who played the leading roles. After winning the awards for the best film, screenplay, director, actors and original soundtrack, “La La Land” threatens to take the title for the most appealing film in the next year.

A young American director Damien Chazelle introduced himself to audiences in 2014, when his previous film “Whiplash” achieved great success all over the world. This film, which also had its premiere at FEST two years ago, thrilled audiences due to its unusual rhythm, and a very interesting approach to music. It could be said that “La La Land”, Chazelle`s third feature film, has the same qualities and the director`s interest in performance art. Namely, even his debut film “Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench” (2009) - which was not much discussed in our country - actually dealt with jazz music, and in its core hid a fragile love story.

Returning to the similar topic, the film “La La Land” is a story about a jazz pianist (Ryan Gosling) who falls in love with an unsuccessful young actress (Emma Stone) in Los Angeles, the heart of seductive and merciless show-business. Following the structure of the Hollywood films, where two young people meet each other and fall in love, Chazell brings in a whole set of exciting contemporary motives, through which he observes the love story in the light of the ambition and professional success or failure.


The screening of the film will be held January 25 2017 in Auditorium 2 at 20:30 at Cineplexx Ušće. The ticket price is 550 dinars. Welcome!


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