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The screening of the film "La La Land" as a prelude to the 45. Film Festival

The film of the American director Damien Chazelle, “La La Land”, had its premiere a month before the biggest Belgrade film festival on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

This extremely successful film took home a staggering seven Golden Globes, and only two days ago, it was nominated for the incredible 14 American Academy Awards, in all major categories. Being a contemporary romantic drama which at the same time possesses all the qualities of an old Hollywood film, this extraordinary musical thrilled the large Belgrade audience last night.

At the sold-out screening at Cineplexx Usce, the Art Director of the 45th FEST Jugoslav Pantelić explained that this unusual prelude to the Festival means that our country wants and needs to keep up with the best cinemas around the world. “We could have played it safe and presented the film in a month as a part of the Festival’s regular programme” - he said - “but we wanted our audience to stand side by side with the world audience. Right after we have found out that “La La Land” received the same number of Academy Award nominations as “Titanic”, we have an exclusive opportunity to see it” - Pantelić added.

Furthermore, Pantelić hinted that several films are going to be screened in the Grand Hall of Sava Centre this year, among which are “Moonlight” and “Hell or High Water”, also Academy Award nominees.

The full programme for the 45th FEST will be announced on Monday, January 30th.


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