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Nocturnal Animals at the 45th FEST

An extravagant American fashion designer Tom Ford gained fame as the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He debuted as a director with his poetic film A Single Man in 2009. After a seven-year hiatus, Ford returns with an equally compelling and exciting new film Nocturnal Animals. Even though the critics were divided, the film is undoubtedly unusual and very interesting.

Once again the director decided to do an adaptation of literary work: A Single Man was an adaptation of the the eponymous novel by the famous novelist Christopher Isherwood, while the film Nocturnal Animals was adapted from Austin Wright’s novel Tony and Susan. This remarkably stylized film, designed to elicit tension and suspense, is an extraordinary narrative and aesthetic experience.

After Julianne Moore in A Single Man, Ford chose another red haired diva, Amy Adams, to play the leading role. Also starring alongside Adams are Jake Gyllenhaal, one of the best young actors of his generation, the likable Isla Fisher and Aaron Taylor Johnson. Nocturnal Animals will not be left out at the American Academy Award ceremony: the brilliant Michael Shannon landed an Oscar nomination for the best actor in the supporting role.  


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