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The main competition programme of the 45th FEST features international films that include 15 films coming from 12 countries. The films in the framework of this programme will be competing for the Belgrade Victor. The president of the five-member Jury that awards the prize will be the Serbian director Srdan Golubović. Other members of the Jury are Serbian actors Sergej Trifunović and Branka Katić, French producer Čedomir Kolar and Croatian director and producer Dalibor Matanić.  


Srdan Golubović was born in 1971 in Belgrade. He graduated with a degree in Film Directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, where he currently works as a professor at his home department. During his studies, he made several short films, including the well-known film “Trojka”. In 1995 he directed the third story of the generational rock'n'roll omnibus "Package", titled "Herc minutes." As one of the founders of the production company ”Baš čelik” he has made notable music videos and commercials, marketing campaigns and films. In 2001 Golubović shot his debut feature film „Absolute Hundred”, and in 2007 film “Klopka”. After this psychological thriller which gained high critical acclaim, Golubović directed “Krugovi”, the film about the tragic murder of Srđan Aleksić, which had a premiere at the famous Sundance Festival.


Sergej Trifunović is a Serbian actor born in 1972 in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He began his film career by starring in Goran Paskaljević’s “Someone Else's America”, and that same year he appeared in the film “Premeditated Murder” by Gorčin Stojanović. After the success of these films, Trifunović established himself as a film star. Soon afterwards he acted in films “Stršljen” and “Cabaret Balkan”, and he played the lead role in the French film ”Lovers” by Jean-Marc Barr. In 2001 he appeared in the cult urban comedy "Munje!", after which many other roles followed, including “The Professional”, “When I Grow Up, I'll Be a Kangaroo” and “The Border Post”.  


Branka Katić is a Serbian film and stage actress, born in 1970 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Department of Drama at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. After graduation, she performed at various theatres in the city as well as in Belgrade and Subotica. As a fourteen-year-old she made her debut in the film “Nije lako sa muškarcima”. Katić played notable roles in television series “Policajac sa Petlovog brda”, “A Better Life” and “Open Doors”.  Among a great number of films she appeared in, the ones that stand out are: “Pretty Village, Pretty Flame”, “Strawberries in the Supermarket”, “Premeditated Murder”, “We Are Not Angels”, “The Wounds” and “Black Cat, White Cat”. She currently lives and works in the United Kingdom.


Čedomir Kolar is a French producer of Croatian descent. He graduated with a degree in Film Production from the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He has been active in the film industry for more than 30 years. Throughout his career, he has worked on a number of regional and foreign films as well as international co-productions. He won various awards, including the prestigious Academy Award for Danis Tanović’s "No Man's Land" and received an Academy Award nomination for the film “Before the Rain” by Milčo Mančevski.  In 2003 he founded the production company A.S.A.P. Films together with Marc Baschet and Danis Tanović, which produced films of several important and emerging directorial names such as Aktan Arym Kubat i Ritesh Batra.   


Dalibor Matanić is a Croatian film director and producer, born in 1975 in Zagreb, where he graduated with a degree in Film Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 2000 he made his first feature film, "Cashier Wants to Go to the Seaside" for which he received "Breza" for Best Debut Director at the Pula Film Festival as well as the Award for Best European Debut Director at the Film Festival Cottbus. In collaboration with the screenwriter Mate Matišić he directed the film "Fine Dead Girls" in 2002, and in 2009 he made the film "Kino Lika", based on the eponymous book by Damir Karakaš. He is a director and co-director of the award-winning documentary films such as "Derby" (1996), "Metropolis" (1998), "Bag" (1999), "Good Luck" (1999), "When our music thunders" (2000) and numerous music videos and commercials. He is a member of the European Film Academy and a winner of the Cultural Award of the City of Zagreb.



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