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Film DALIDA at 45th FEST

The film “Dalida” by Lisa Azuelos will be shown within the Focus Europe Programme at this year’s FEST. Lisa Azuelos is a French director, screenwriter and producer of Moroccan descent. The daughter of a French singer and actress Marie Laforêt brings us this time the story of one of the most famous French singers and one of the last divas - Dalida. Lisa Azuelos is known for her films “Un moment d’éragement”, a remake of the eponymous comedy from 1977, with Vincent Cassel in the lead role as well as the successful coming-of-age comedy “LOL”, from which a remake of the same name was later made in Hollywood production, also directed by Azuelos.   

"Dalida" follows the turbulent life of the famous singer who sang in over ten languages, won major world music awards and recognitions, but also did not have much luck in her private life, which led to her untimely death in 1987. The fact that her monument is located in the heart of Montmartre, the most famous artistic neighborhood in the world, speaks in favour of the importance and popularity of Dalida. "Dalida" is also a film spectacle, in addition to being an intimate portrait of the big star; the film is trying to show the audience the other side of the coin. The script for this film was based on the novel of Dalida’s younger brother Orlando.


The cast of the film “Dalida” is made up of the somewhat well-known colleagues from Italy and France, led by the famous actor and director Vincent Perez, with Sveva Alvito in the title role. Critics already predict a great career for a young and relatively unknown Italian actress Svevi Alvito after the film "Dalida", in Italy as well as France, who debuts in the French film.


You can watch the trailer here:




February 28th / Sava Centre / 7 PM / 400 RSD

March 1st / Sava Centre / 300 RSD


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