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The film "Personal Shopper" by Olivier Assayas

“Personal Shopper” is the film by the French director, screenwriter and film critic Olivier Assayas, which will be shown within the Focus Europe Programme at the 45th FEST. Olivier Assayas was born in Paris, where he began his career in the film industry, writing for the influential film magazine Cachiers du cinéma. He is known for films "Clouds of Sils Maria", which was chosen to compete in the Main Programme of the festival in Cannes and "Irma Vep", the film hit of 1998, which is a homage to the cinema of Hong Kong. Olivier Assayas's directorial style is radical in so far as it does not rely on the world of modern pictures, and in his work the influence of political thinkers, critics and writers Guy Deborah and George Orwell is visible.  


The film “Personal Shopper” combines a very realistic horror story and business drama. It is a story of the search for identity, and this is certainly one of the most exciting films in the career of actress Kristen Stewart. In this film, discovering the different layers of the personality of the main character is crucial, who is much more than just a personal shopper. It was screened at film festivals in New York, New Zealand, London and many others, and in Cannes the film received a five-minute long standing ovation at the end of the screening.



You can watch the trailer here:


Sava Centre / Friday March 3rd at 10 PM




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