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The 47th FEST: Emir Kusturica\'s biographical film "El Pepe – a Supreme Life" about the legendary José Mujica

Ten years after the portrayal of Maradona, Kusturica immortalizes another legendary figure - former Uruguayan President José “Pepe” Mujica in the documentary film "El Pepe, a Supreme Life". Kusturica said that many years ago he heard of a president driving a tractor, and that he immediately thought of making a film about him. The shooting lasted for two years, from 2013 to 2015, when Mujica's term ended. Through a series of talks, Kusturica and Mujica discuss the meaning of life from a philosophical, political, poetic and an aesthetic standpoint. Kusturica presents Mujica in a gentle and warm manner, following him in everyday work in the garden, as well as through conversations about important moments of his past. Mujica's ideology is equally reflected in his political attitudes as well as in his modest way of life.  

"He is probably the only politician in the world who is not corrupt," said Kusturica about a man known as the "world's poorest president". Mujica donated his salaries for charity and lived with conviction that when the majority gives you power, you have to live as a majority, not as an elite. He was a guerrilla fighter, robbed banks, fought fascists, and spent 13 years in prison where he devoted himself to learning. He was the Minister of Agriculture, then the Prime Minister, and finally the 40th President of Uruguay, probably the most beloved president of a country in modern history. "I was shocked when I saw people crying because the term of the president was coming to an end, and it was so crowded that I almost broke my legs in an attempt to make a good shot, as if the Rollingstones had come to town ... There is a reason why Uruguay was called Switzerland of South America. When you become depressed about everything that happens in the world, at least you have one example of a successful society", said Kusturica

The film premiered out of competition at the Venice Film Festival, and will also be shown out of competition as a part of the Main Programme at the 47th FEST

The 47th FEST will be held from February 22nd to March 3rd. The full programme will be available on January 28th.



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