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Márta, a 40-year-old neurosurgeon, falls in love. She leaves her shining American career behind and returns to Budapest to start a new life with the man. She waits for him in vain at the Liberty Bridge – he does not appear at the rendezvous. Márta starts to search for him desperately, but when she finally finds him, the love of her life claims that they have never met before.

Hungary, 2020
Drama / Drama
Main Competition
Lili Horvát
Lili Horvát
Natasa Stork, Viktor Bodó, Benett Vilmányi, Zsolt Nagy, Péter Tóth, Andor Lukáts, Attila Mokos, Linda Moshier, Júlia Ladányi
2020 – Venecija, Toronto, Cirih, Varšava, Antalija, Čikago, Busan, Valjadolid, Solun / Venice Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Valladolid Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2021 – Glazgov, Luksemburg, Sofija, Hongkong / Glasgow Film Festival, Luxembourg City Film Festival, Sofia International Film Festival, Hong Kong
Róbert Maly
Károly Szalai
Gábor Keresztes
Dóra Csernátony Lili Horvát Péter Miskolczi
Poste Restante
2020 Felkészülés meghatározatlan ideig tartó együttlétre / Preparations to Be Together For an Unknown Period of Time / Pripreme za zajednički život na neodređeno vreme
2015 Szerdai gyerek / The Wednesday Child / Dete srede
2020 - Antalija - najbolja glumica (Nataša Stork); Čikago - “Zlatni Hjugo” za najbolju režiju (Lili Horvat); Filadelfija - nagrada žirija; Valjadolid - “Zlatni klas” za najbolji film, najbolja glumica (Nataša Stork), nagrada “Pilar Miro” za najbolju režiju / Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival - Best Actress (Natasa Stork); Chicago International Film Festival - Gold Hugo for Best Director (Lili Horvát); Philadelphia Film Festival - Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature; Valladolid International Film Festival - Golden Spike for Best Film, Best Actress (Natasa Stork), Pilar Miró Award for Best Director (Lili Horvát)


11. May

Time: 14:00
Price: 300 RSD
Kombank dvorana, Hall 1

12. May

Time: 18:30
Price: 400 RSD
Cineplexx Galerija Belgrade - Hall 3

LILI HORVAT / Lili Horvát

Lili Horvát (1982) grew up in Budapest. She studied audiovisual arts at the Sorbonne in Paris and film directing at the University of Theatre and Film in Budapest. The Wednesday Child (2015), Lili's first feature won the East of the West competition at Karlovy Vary, and received numerous awards worldwide. In 2016, Lili co-founded the production company Poste Restante which produced her second feature, Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time (2020).

A consummate artist in the fields of psychological and atmospheric suspense, filmmaker Lili Horvát dissects the shifting lines between desire and reality.

Fabien Lemercier, Cineuropa

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