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A characteristic film by Purisa Djorđević, which through the main character Marko tells the story of his own life, growing up and the path that every person goes through from birth to death, the path of struggle that is deeply rooted in Djordjevic’s anti-fascism. Djordjevic guides us through the subtle emotions of his main protagonist, whom he drags into unusual situations with the help of Scepanovic’s masterful novel. His main character shows us the way through the calamity of civilization towards lost spirituality and the conquest of freedom.

Serbia, 2023
FEST masters
Puriša Đorđević
Puriša Đorđević
Radivoje Bukvić, Sonja Kolačarić, Andrija Kovač, Lazar Jovanov, Aleksandra Rukavina, Nikola Marković, Marjan Apostolović, Marko Topolovački, Petar Božović, Pavle Gogić, Ana Kostovska…
Fotografija / Cinematography:
Gino Sgreva
Montaža / Editing:
Srđan Ristić
Željko Mitrović, Igor Turčinović
Apollon, Telekom Srbija, Pink Media Group
Taramount Film

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05. Mar

Time: 19:30
Price: 500 RSD
MTS dvorana, Hall 1


Mladomir Puriša Djordjević (1924-2022) was a Serbian and Yugoslav film director and screenwriter. From 1947 he worked in Filmski novosti as an editor, and later as a director of documentary films. During his career, he shot 50 short and 20 feature films, and was the author of ten novels. In the second half of the sixties, he achieved his greatest successes as a director, working on internationally recognized works: Girl (1965), Dream (1966), Morning (1967) and Afternoon (1968). These four films make up a cycle that belongs to the so-called black wave, and are counted among the most significant Serbian and Yugoslav films. Film Dream was shown at the festival in Berlin, and Morning in Venice and on that occasion Ljubiša Samardžić won the Volpi cup for the Best Actor. Djordjević was awarded the Golden Arena for directing at Pula Film festival for Morning. Along with this, among the most important awards he won for his work, the first prize for the Best Screenplay at the Film Screenplay Festival in Vrnjačka Banja stands out for the film Tango is a sad thought that dances (1997). When in May 2021, at the 49th FEST, he received the Belgrade Victor award for outstanding contribution to film art, he said: “I was born in 1924, in Čačak. Since then I have recorded many streets, many cities, many faces. I tried to express what I could and couldn’t do in my films. And so that you don’t get angry, I’m currently preparing a new film”. That movie is Mouth full of earth (2023) which he made last year.

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