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Actor Udo Kier Presented with Award for Outstanding Contribution to Film Art

In front of the FEST audience, right before the screening of the film ‘My Neighbor, Adolf’ by Leon Prudovsky, which he presented at this year's edition of the festival, actor Udo Kier received the Belgrade Victor Award for Outstanding Contribution to Film Art. After expressing his thanks for the award, he first promised to be brief because time was precious, and then he said:

‘First let me tell you something about this film. To me it is a dark comedy, but I will not reveal why, you will see the film. I play a similar role in a series with Al Pacino called ‘Hunters’, which you can watch on a popular platform.’

‘Belgrade, ah Belgrade... I have to tell you why Belgrade is important to me. Fifty years ago, I shot my first film with Olivera Katarina. We were both young. She was beautiful and had a wonderful voice’, said Kier, stressing that he liked the Belgrade Victor who was better looking than the Oscar since he was naked, then added:

‘I am leaving tomorrow, but I had a great time. See this film and do not forget that it is a black comedy after all. Enjoy the film. Thank you very much and I hope to see you soon’, concluded Kier.   



Knjaz Miloš