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Damir Handanović Announces New CEBEF Collaboration with Actor Rade Šerbedžija and Ulysses Theatre

At the first conference of the 49th International Film Festival - FEST, which was held on Saturday, May 8 in the Kombank Hall, CEBEF Director Damir Handanović announced a new collaboration of this institution with actor Rade Šerbedžija and the Ulysses Theatre.

‘CEBEF realized an excellent, if not the best play in the region - ‘Antigone’ with the Ulysses Theatre in 2019, and we showed what it means to have a play at BELEF in which Rade Šerbedžija plays, for the first time in Belgrade after 28 years. In September, we will have another serious production project, for which I want to thank Rade, Lenka and their team. Not to reveal everything, but I can announce a serious production this year, again for the first time in Belgrade. I am proud of the cultural institution I lead, and that true artists recognize how much we fight for culture in Belgrade,’ said Damir Handanović.