Selector of  45th FEST programs: Thrills and kills, Microwave and Frontiers

He was born in 1978 in Belgrade. Graduated from the 10th Belgrade Grammar School, as well as from the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade (Film and TV Director, with the full feature film MADE IN SERBIA, the premiere of which took place on FEST in 2005, before being released in the cinemas and on DVD). He has authored several short feature films (ŽIVI MRTVACI, GLAD, PENA ZA BRIJANJE) and mid-length and full feature documentaries (ALI HAMADOVA PRIČA, PRAVO KROZ VETAR, RATNICI produced by ARHITEL), which have seen success both at the international and national level.
He has directed RTS' series "The Right in Serbia between Two Wars", released in 2003. He has worked for several years on many RTS project as an associate writer and director.
His last full feature film is ŽIVOT I SMRT PORNO BANDE (Life and Death of the Porn Gang - premiere in 2009 on FEST, produced by BAŠ ČELIK, with the support of the Culture Secretariat of the City of Belgrade and the Ministry of Culture). The controversial Porn Gang has been shown on many national and more than 40 international festivals and awarded 14 international awards (several national awards in Serbia).
As to Filmske novosti production, Đorđevic has worked in the last two years as the director and writer of the film LEPENSKI VIR and as a writer in two episodes in the series about Josip Broz Tito.
Underway is the last phase of the post-production of the omnibus JEDNAKI, consisting of six stories (directors: Dejan Karaklajić, Darko Longulov, Igor Stoimenov, Miloš Petričić, Ivica Vidanović, Mladen Đorđević), with Đorđevic authoring the story SAŠA as the director and co-writer. The film will be premiered on festivals and movie theatres by the end of the year.
Đorđevic is also the owner and Director of the production company CORONA FILM, which has shot several short featured and documentary films. The author is currently preparing two new projects, supported in the framework of the competition of the Film Center of Serbia. One is a full feature documentary film and series
GASTARBAJTERSKE PRIČE, while the second is a short feature film NAZIM I MILUTIN.

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