EU and FEST Present Audience Award for Best European Film

The delegation of the European Union supports this year's, 52nd FEST, which features 12 films by European filmmakers in the competition programme! Viewers will also be able to vote for the best European film this year, which will receive the Audience Award. The winner will be announced on the last day of the festival.
If you are at FEST, after the screening, rate the film and vote for the winner! The films of the Main Competition Programme are having their premieres at the MTS Hall and
the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, and this year as many as three Serbian films are competing for the Belgrade Victor, as well as two minority Serbian co-productions. Films by filmmakers who have won awards at FEST are also competing.
The European Union proudly supports Serbian cinema. Films from Serbia are a significant part of the European film industry and the common European cultural space. Among the films and seriessupported by EU funds through Creative Europe are some of the most important films of the past years: Father (Otac), Bad Blood (Nečista krv), How I Learned to Fly (Leto kada sam naučila da letim), As Far as I Can Walk (Strahinja), The Witch Hunters (Zlogonje), Darkling (Mrak), Frost
(Mraz), Black Wedding (Crna svadba), The Last Socialist Artefact (Područje bez signala). These fims were also awarded multiple times, while Bad Blood is the first Serbian film to be on the streaming platform Netflix. The European Union also supports numerous film festivals throughout Serbia.
Between 2021 and 2023, within the Creative Europe programme, a total of 161 organizations from Serbia participated in 175 projects of this programme. As part of the new Culture Moves Europe competition, 30 individual grants were awarded to artists and cultural professionals from Serbia. The total financial support for this period from the Creative Europe fund amounts to 11.5 million euros. Within the Media subprogramme, 67 organizations and 75 projects were supported in the total amount of almost 5.5 million euros, and within the Culture subprogramme, 100 projects submitted by 94 organizations in the total amount of six million euros.

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