Mozzart Foundation donates funds to healthcare for every ticket purchased at Fest

Humanity is on the Fest repertoire this year as well. The cooperation between CEBEF and Mozzart continues at the 52nd International Film Festival, where the Mozzart Foundation will donate funds to help healthcare institutions for every ticket purchased. From 23 February to 3 March, fans of the seventh art will have the opportunity to see numerous award-winning films, but also to contribute to the increase of the humanitarian fund.
‘We are very pleased that this year we are giving one of the most important film festivals, with which many generations grew up, a humanitarian character. We are certain that the audience will enjoy the films on the big screen even more, knowing that they have thus become part of a common humanitarian mission,’ said Borjan Popović, director of the Mozzart Foundation.
The cooperation between Mozzart and CEBEF has been ongoing since 2020, when Mozzart directed the funds allocated for each purchased ticket at Fest to donate an incubator to a maternity hospital in Višegradska Street. The action was successfully continued in the following years, and the help arrived at the addresses of the clinics that treat the youngest patients.

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