Premiere of film ‘That's It for Today’ in Main Competition Programme at 52nd FEST


The film ‘That';s It for Today’ (Za danas toliko) by director and screenwriter Marko Đorđević premiered before film lovers as part of the Main Competition Programme in the MTS Hall on 1 March.
The film cast and crew, director Đorđević, producer Miloš Pušić, actors Filip Đurić, Nikola Rakočević and Goran Bogdan, actresses Ivana Vuković and Miona Pejković presented this film a few hours earlier to accredited journalists of the 52nd FEST.
According to Djordević, the idea to shoot the film came about during the corona virus. ‘I came across a book by Duško Radović and I wanted to make a screenplay. Of course, I did not succeed; however, I brought the spirit of it into this film. Then we came to a story that is apparently naive, simple, ordinary, yet has warmth, it depicts life itself,’ he said and added:
‘We called this film "a fairy tale about happy people" , but I did not come up with that term, I borrowed it: film critic Dubravka Lakić described the film that way after watching it. However, the film definitely has that fairy tale quality.’
As the leading actor Filip Đurić says, with the director Marko Đorđević, the energy in the film ‘That's It for Today’ is different, compared to the previous film ‘My Morning Laughter’.
‘It is interesting how people behave in a private, intimate relationship, how free they are with their loved ones, friends or relatives, and this script allowed us to explore that space,’ he said.
Actress Ivana Vuković stated that her character Višnja was inspired by all the women she admired. Nikola Rakočević plays his brother Vasa, who lives in Belgrade and comes home occasionally. ‘He loves the capital, uses the best of the capital, works there, yet when he returns to Kragujevac, it happens that he no longer has the key to the house, and it makes him sad. However, they love each
other, enjoy being with each other. Their decision is to live happily, to be happy. They want to be happy, and they live such a life,’ Rakočević said.
Croatian actor Goran Bogdan, who plays the godfather in Đorđević's film, also believes that ‘That's It for
Today’ is a film that shows the world of positive people who have decided to lead a happy life. ‘These are people who have made a decision and choose to be happy, which is the most healing moment. That is why this is a fairy tale,’ he said.
Miona Pejković, a young actress of preschool age, received all the applause from the journalists of the 52nd FEST.
‘The sun was strong while we were filming, and we had to repeat some scenes several times, because my teeth fell out,’ said Miona and expressed her hope that there would be ‘great applause’ at the premiere.
Producer Miloš Pušić said jokingly that he had been very happy during the filming, but that he had been less happy during the additional filming.
‘We were preparing for filming in 2021, started the shooting in 2022, and did the additional filming last year. We made the film as we wanted, among friends,’ he added.
According to him, ‘That's It for Today’ actually started at FEST, because in 2021 it was declared the best ‘pitching’ at the industry programme of the festival.

As was heard at the conference, most of the actors in this film came from the acting workshop at the Kragujevac Youth Centre, where the film was shot, and they got along well during the filming and enjoyed working together because they all know each other well. ‘That's It for Today’ is a film about the Šarenac family, whose members are played by: Filip Đurić, Ivana Vuković, Nikola Rakočević and Miona Pejaković.

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