‘THE END (artificial fragments of humankind)’ by the Héraud brothers premieres at 52nd FEST

The film ‘THE END (artificial fragments of humankind)’ directed by Aurélien Héraud and Olivier Héraud, better known as the Héraud brothers, premiered as part of the 52nd edition of FEST in the Cultural Centre of Belgrade on 29 February.
On the day of the premiere of the film, which was shown in the Dreamlike Film selection, the Héraud brothers introduced themselves to the FEST journalists. As they stated, the script for the film was created with the help of artificial intelligence, and they filmed this futuristic experimental project without a producer in order to have complete creative freedom.
‘We wanted to make a personal film in the form of an experiment, so we did not even look forproducers. Therefore, we decided to be our own producers, and we shot the film in secret,’ explained the Héraud brothers.
With the first feature film, budget of which is 50,000 Euros, the Héraud brothers ask questions such as: is it a story about artificial intelligence that is capable of writing its own script or a story about Esther.
‘We wanted to cause the artificial intelligence to make mistakes by overwhelming it with too much information. We made that tool make mistakes by deliberately writing the name of the book "Artificial Intelligence in Wonderland" instead of "Alice". It turned out that, although it is full of quality, the incredible artificial intelligence has noticeable flaws,’ the Héraud brothers concluded.

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